Ship to Ship transfer is a service provided by a company, Rimorchiatori Rigenoil Srl, based in Augusta and vaunting a historic shipowner tradition, in partnership since 2020 with Fendercare Marine, a world-leader in Ship-to-Ship transfers, having provided safe and efficient STS services for over 20 years, with a network of over 50 bases worldwide.

Rimorchiatori Rigenoil is a company based in Augusta since 2011, that carries out activities related to maritime transport including slops and bilge water recovery, ship cargo residues and now also the supply of fenders.

Rimorchiatori Rigenoil is a company made up of two partners Rimorchiatori Augusta and Econova Corporate:

Rimorchiatori Augusta, operating in harbour towage services carried out under long term public concessions in Augusta, Siracusa, Catania, Pozzallo, Milazzo e Messina business. Operations in Augusta, Siracusa and Milazzo are mainly involved with the petrochemical industry, while the ports of Catania, Pozzallo and Messina are focused in passenger ferries and merchant ships.

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Rimorchiatori Augusta is part of Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group (Genova), member of Assorimorchiatori and of ETA – European Tugowners Association.

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Econova Corporate is a company created in 2004, which operates in the Mineral and compound bases sector. It is also present in the natural sulfur and sulfur and derivatives sectors. It is based in Augusta, Italy.

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Fendercare Marine has a prosperous history that began in 1988 from a small rural location in East Anglia. Once a local distributor, it has subsequently grown to become one of the leading, global suppliers of marine products and services.

It has regional hubs in the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Brazil, India, Australia and West Africa.

With over 50 fully operational bases established worldwide, our position as the world’s leading provider of ship-to-ship transfer services is firmly cemented in the marine sector.

Fendercare Marine Ltd. is part of James Fisher and Sons plc, a leading provider of specialist services to the marine, oil and gas and other high assurance industries worldwide.

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The Company offers six complete sets of yokohama fenders and hoses to be rented and also the transportation service of the mentioned equipment via the Azimuth Stern Drive tugboat, comprehensive of specialized crew in navigating offshore, together with the assistance at terminals and oil platforms in the offshore field, at the presence of a mooring master who coordinates the entire operation.
Still, each and every time, our certified Mooring Masters seek for the best operative area to perform the STS operations according to the weather and sea conditions expected for the execution day.

Our experienced Mooring Masters (CVs avai-lable on request) select the maritime area to carry out the operation 12 nautical miles away from the Sicilian coast, ranging from the Gulf of Catania to the Gulf of Gela, thus covering the eastern and south-eastern coasts of Sicily.
Should the weather conditions be adverse, (strong winds from the east and south east) there is always the opportunity to operate in the safe and sheltered waters of the Augusta harbour.

The Sicilian chosen coastline offers a natural bulwark for winds coming from West, Northwest and Southwest prevalent during the winter, while the south coast of Capo Passero is an ideal place to cope with the winds from the North and Northeast.
These areas are ideal to perform STS operations unlike other sites (Malta, Cyprus, etc) where it is impossible to operate for about 150 days a year.